Health Informatics Certification Course
    Bioinformatics Centre | JB Tropical Disease Research Centre | Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram

What is OHIC?

  • OHIC Is an online IT certification course

  • OHIC is a solution for the Healthcare professionals and Paramedical personnel in delivering better patient care.

  • Provides basic technical knowledge that a modern Healthcare professional require

  • Provides IT based techniques for proper patients’ management

  • 24x7 online accessible classrooms

  • Syllabus charted out by experts

  • Online evaluation on alternate months

  • MGIMS certificate, on successful completion of the course

Importance & Usefulness

  • Basic course content gives a strong platform to all healthcare personnel for further study. After successful completion of the course, students become experts in data and information management techniques used in healthcare.

  • It enables students (Healthcare Professionals and Paramedical Personnel) to understand how to incorporate information technology into the provision of safe, effective and evidence-based health care.

  • It enables the health professionals to adopt new ways to accomplish their tasks more efficiently than they were doing earlier.

Training & Testing

  • Online Health Informatics Certification sessions comprise of Introductory, E-Classes, Assignments and Final Evaluation.

  • Online material is provided to the registered candidates.
  • During the training programme, assignments are given to each student at the end of each month. Each student is provided a web folder for posting their assignment material with in stipulated time.

  • At the end of the course final evaluation is done based on assignments and final examination.


Completion of this course and obtaining the certificate does not guarantee any employment. However it adds value to one’s CV.