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Availability of the powerful computing resources at low cost has considerably changed the drug design and discovery scenario in promoting use of computer aided drug designing in healthcare research. 20th Workshop on ‘Recent Advances in Computational Biology’ is being organized by DBT's Sub-DIC (Bioinformatics Centre), Department of Biochemistry & JB Tropical Disease Research Centre at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram during November 30 - December 1, 2018. This workshop intends to introduce the participants, the concepts, methods and tools for structure and ligand based computational drug designing & discovery.

Interactive sessions on bioinformatics techniques for target identification, ligand databases, target & preparation, protein-ligand docking, structure based virtual screening, molecular dynamic simulations, visualization, QSAR, ligand alignment & virtual screening, ADMET and NGS data analysis for genomic medicine would be conducted by eminent guest speakers.

Researchers, clinicians, academicians and program administrators interested in learning the tools for designing, screening and validating drugs through in silico approach may apply for this workshop. The number of participants will be restricted to twenty. Participants interested to make short presentation, may submit theme based abstracts in 250 words through e-mail ( by November 15, 2018. Selected participants will be informed about the details of their presentations. Eminent guest speakers will be drawn from different national universities and medical & research institutes.

Registration fee: Rs. 700 | Accommodation charges: Rs. 600 (for two days only)

Last Date of Application: November 15, 2018


For further information contact:   

Dr. Satish Kumar
Professor & Head, Biochemistry & JBTDRC
PI-Coordinator, DBT' Sub-DIC Project (Bioinformatics Centre)
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences
Sevagram (Wardha) - 442102, Maharashtra
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